Assembly of the League to analyze the television rights of the future

Last Thursday we announced in  SPORT  the  Extraordinary Assembly that the Professional Football League has convened for this Thursday, May 17. Appointment where it is expected to approve a proposed calendar of the league for the next season 2018-2019 that we already have in detail. The only doubt in the air is to find a gap to the Spanish Super Cup after Sevilla have qualified for the previous rounds of the Europa League.

But the issue of the calendar is not the only one scheduled on the agenda of the aforementioned Assembly whose beginning is scheduled at 10:30 in the morning. Moreover, the first point of the day foreseen in the call goes through the reference to  television audiovisual rights . Undoubtedly, a capital issue and on which gravitates the future of employers' clubs. It is planned that  Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, inform the 42 clubs about the current situation of the national competition, the report on the National Commission of Competition and also the map today regarding international rights. Let's not forget that the next season will be the last of the current three-year audiovisual contract and that the employers will contest the television rights for the broadcast of the  First and Second League matches  on the different platforms.Bet on your favourite team with betshoot high odds.

Linked to this issue is the report that also plans to present the president of the employers on the fiscal and labor situation of the major European leagues compared to the Spanish. The third issue to be addressed in this first part of Javier Tebas's= speech is about the elections of the RFEF. It is public the positioning of LaLiga and its maximum responsible in favor of the candidate  Juan Luis Larrea  and contrary to the arrival of  Luis Rubiales . Moreover, initially expect the 20 clubs with presence in the Assembly to support the Basque director although from the side of Luis Rubiales expect to have 4 of these entities.

The next item on the agenda has to do with the policy of armoring that is being carried out since the football employers in recent months. To the already approved contract of the president Javier Tebas himself, on this occasion he will be subject to authorization to submit to this condition the contracts of the Director of Global Communication of the League,  Jordi Evers , as well as that of the Director BI & Analitics,  José Carlos Franco . All the clubs of the League already have a detailed report detailing the working conditions of their contract, additional compensation, as well as the extra amounts that both directors would receive, regardless of the compensation itself, in the cases of unfair dismissal.